3D Mammography

What is Mammography?

A mammogram is an X-ray of the breast that is used to detect irregularities or suspicious masses. Safe and highly effective, mammograms are the most important tool doctors use to diagnose breast cancer. An annual mammogram is recommended for every woman age 40 and older.

Is 3D Mammography for Me?

3D Mammography is similar to having a conventional 2D mammogram but proven more accurate. Like a conventional mammogram, the technologist will position you, compress your breast and take images from different angles. During each compression, multiple images are taken. This additional information helps the radiologist make a more accurate diagnosis. A 3D mammogram requires no additional compression and takes just a few seconds longer than a conventional 2D mammogram.

What Should I Expect?

When you get a mammogram, a specially trained technologist helps place your breast between two plastic plates. Pressure is applied for a few seconds to flatten the breast, allowing for a clear image. Two pictures are taken of each breast and the entire mammography exam takes approximately 15 minutes. You may find the pressure uncomfortable, but some women experience no discomfort at all.

Who is at Risk?

  • Every woman is at risk for breast cancer, and her risks increase with age.
  • Three quarters of all breast cancers occur in women over 50.
  • Women over 70 are twice as likely to develop the disease.

What Are the Chances of Surviving Breast Cancer?

Survival depends on the stage of breast cancer at the time of diagnosis. The survival rate is increased if the cancer has not spread. Early-stage breast cancer that has not spread to the lymph nodes has more than a 90 percent five-year survival rate. When the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, it decreases to a 60 percent five-year survival rate. This is why early detection is so important.

How Can I Protect Myself Against Breast Cancer?

  1. Monthly Breast Self-Exams – Watch for a change in the look or feel of your breast along with any abnormal lumps.
  2. Clinical Breast Exams – Schedule a yearly appointment with your medical provider.

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