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Taylorville Memorial Hospital

Radiology at Taylorville Memorial Hospital


Radiology is more than just x-rays – it’s a comprehensive array of imaging services provided by a fully credentialed and experienced staff. At TMH, we provide skilled and compassionate care using the most current equipment available.

For the past 20 years, TMH used a mobile MRI unit that was available only on Mondays, Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. With the addition of the Map outpatient services center, a high field strength Siemens Vario 3.0T MRI system has been permanently installed. This MRI unit provides the latest in magnetic resonance technology, ideal for head, spine, abdominal and joint imaging – no matter what day of the week you need it.

The outpatient services center will also house a Siemens 64-slice CT scanner capable of handling a wide array of patient imaging studies. In addition to the latest in cross-sectional imaging technology (CT, MRI) the Radiology department will contain a Siemens digital mammography unit, two new General Electric Logiq Ultrasound (Sonogram) systems as well as Siemens nuclear medicine E-Cam and a new Care Stream digital radiography system. This broad array of imaging equipment captures high-quality diagnostic images of all parts of the body.

Despite all the new equipment, the new space isn’t larger – just smarter. Radiology takes up less space than before, but an efficient layout makes better use of its 4,500 square feet. Approximately 27,000 patients are served by the Radiology department each year. While general x-rays of the chest, abdomen and extremities are the most common procedures performed, TMH has seen significant growth in specialized imaging. CT, MRI, digital mammography, echocardiography, ultrasound/sonography and nuclear medicine are all critically important clinical procedures available right here at home.

Radiology services at TMH:


Bone Density
CT Scan
Digital Mammography


Nuclear Medicine

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