JointWorks at TMH

Your comfort and ease of care is important to us, which is why we are proud to offer Memorial JointWorks here at Taylorville Memorial Hospital. You will receive great care and state-of-the-art technology right here, close to home, so you can feel more relaxed about the procedure and heal quickly.

Advantages of Memorial JointWorks at TMH

  • Education classes are offered here so you know what to expect pre-op, surgery and post-op take place here on our campus Rehabilitation is also on-site
  • Once you and your physician decide you are a candidate for total joint replacement, the following will take place:
  • You will be scheduled for surgery.
  • A JointWorks program coordinator will contact you to schedule your joint replacement Patient Education Class

For more information on Memorial JointWorks, please visit or call 217-707-5380.