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Taylorville Memorial Hospital

Emergency at Taylorville Memorial Hospital


At Taylorville Memorial Hospital, our new Emergency Department (ED) provides the residents of Taylorville and surrounding communities with access to enhanced emergency medical services. The ED has doubled in size with the opening of the Map outpatient services center, which is also home to the radiology and outpatient surgery departments. That close proximity means Emergency Department patients have access to the latest advanced medical imaging technology and new operating rooms outfitted with cutting-edge equipment.

The new ED is equipped to handle about 16,000 patients per year in its 10 treatment rooms which feature sliding doors, rather than curtains, for greater privacy. Included among the 10 rooms are two level-two trauma bays equipped with trauma stretchers with radiology capability and trauma lighting.

The new ED also has increased infection control measures. The isolation room is equipped with negative air flow to care for patients who are at risk for any airborne transmission of contagious diseases.

A decontamination shower immediately inside the ambulance entrance allows decontamination of a patient’s clothing and body prior to treatment in the emergency department following exposure to a biological or environmental contaminant, such as gasoline or farm chemicals. Timely decontamination is critical to prevent further injury.

using Telestroke Technology

Taylorville Memorial Hospital partners with Memorial Medical Center in Springfield to provide real-time audio-video conferencing through the TEAMSTROKE program using telestroke technology.

Round-the-clock access to Memorial Medical Center's team of stroke experts enables us to quickly and accurately assess, diagnose and treat stroke patients right here in Taylorville. The telestroke technology enables patients to be treated more quickly at their local hospital, saving time and precious brain tissue for stroke victims.


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