Diabetes Self-Management Education

Get more involved in your Diabetes plan of care and improve your health. The Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) Program at TMH is Nationally Accredited by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE). Group and individual education is available to provide core standard diabetes education and promote the 7 Self-Care Behaviors.

Diabetes 101 covers all of the basic concepts one needs to know related to managing diabetes.

An initial DSME Assessment helps determine what education plan you need. After completing the classes, individual follow-up appointments help you continue to meet your diabetes care plan goals and to improve your diabetes management skills.

We discuss:

  • The connection between food and diabetes and the importance of healthy eating to managing diabetes;
  • The importance of monitoring blood glucose, managing high and low blood glucose and how to use the results from monitoring to better manage diabetes;
  • The natural course of diabetes, the medicine options that exist, what insulin is and how it works, long-term complications associated with diabetes, and the Key ABC's (A1C, blood pressure, cholesterol).

From Your Physician

Complete and fax the DSME Order with accompanying medicines, laboratory work and physician visit history (the last six months) to Sarah Tierney at 217-707-5420 or email at

From You

Contact Sarah Tierney at 217-707-5420 or email at to schedule an initial assessment appointment and to reserve a spot in an upcoming class.


Please check with your insurance company in advance for coverage as they may not pay for any or all of the cost of this education. It is the patient's responsibility to pay for any units of service not covered by insurance.

Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) Insurance Coverage Information


Please arrive a few minutes before your class time. Please ask at the front desk if you are unsure of the location of the class.