Cardiac Rehabilitation

The goal of Cardiac Rehabiliation at Taylorville Memorial Hospital is to enable individuals with heart disease to return to an optimal level of physical, psychological, and vocational well-being. The program uses exercise and education to help cardiac patients return to the activities they consider important to a high quality of life. The program is divided into two phases.

Phase I

Phase I is provided at the hospital where you received your initial cardiac care. Your physician may then prescribe Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Phase II

During Phase II exercise is carefully prescribed, supervised, and monitored by a physician and a registered nurse. The program takes place three times per week for up to 12 weeks. Phase II is for individuals who have had a heart attack, open heart surgery, coronary angioplasty, or other heart problems. An interview and pre-program testing are done before starting Phase II. An exercise prescription is established and periodically updated as an individual's fitness level improves. Classes about heart disease treatment and prevention are also included.

Following Phase II, each participant is given a prescription for home exercise and is encouraged to maintain a regular exercise program.