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Taylorville Memorial Hospital
Nursing at TMH | Nursing Profiles

Nursing at Taylorville Memorial Hospital

Tracy Seaton, RN, BSN
Director of Nursing, TMH

Dear Nursing Colleague,

Growing up, I was amazed by the concept of healing and nurturing, and always wanted to be someone who took care of others. The only job I aspired to earn was that of a nurse. Perhaps this was the case for you, as well. It’s a story I hear over and over again, especially here at Taylorville Memorial Hospital, where I began my nursing career as a staff nurse 27 years ago. Since becoming the Director of Nursing in November 2007, it has been my honor to lead the 150 members of TMH’s talented, compassionate nursing team.

The bottom line of nursing, regardless of where we practice, is the caring we provide — it’s at the center of all we do for our patients. And here in Taylorville, our patients are so much more than a face in a bed. They are our neighbors, our family members and our friends. In a rural town of 11,000 people, working at a hospital becomes neighbors caring for neighbors, which provides a deeper level of satisfaction for those in the caregiver role and a more meaningful healing experience for our patients and their loved ones.

I continually am amazed at the skill set our nursing staff brings to the Taylorville community. With the resources provided both here in our 25-bed critical access hospital and those available to us as a member of the Memorial Health System, we are able to provide the community with the best care possible while also keeping our skills sharp, our education current and our processes innovative. TMH nurses have ample opportunity for clinical and professional advancement and a strong orientation department to assist new nursing team members.

Working at TMH is truly like working with family. We know our colleagues on an individual level and understand one another so we can work together collegially and effectively. We have a lot of respect and camaraderie here. And because we work in a small setting, nurses are part of a very collaborative interdisciplinary team of caregivers who work quickly to come up with solutions to challenges we face.

I strongly encourage you to consider a nursing career at TMH. Whether you are a student or a nurse with years of experience, you can contact Human Resources at 217-787-7726 for information on available career opportunities, or visit for a listing of current TMH openings. I believe you will find a career at TMH highly rewarding. It is a GREAT place to work, where our patients have GREAT experiences with GREAT results.

Tracy Seaton, RN, BSN
Director of Nursing, TMH

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