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Taylorville Memorial Hospital
Nursing at TMH | Nursing Profiles

Nursing at Taylorville Memorial Hospital

TMH Nurse Treena Brown, RN

TMH Nurse Treena Brown, RN

Treena Brown is not a "desk person."

"I like jobs that involve being physical and using your emotions — being with people," said Treena, who has been a nurse at Taylorville Memorial Hospital for eight years. "I know I chose the right career."

Treena began considering nursing as a career after an aunt, also a nurse, inspired her as a child. After beginning a college degree in agribusiness, she changed her major to nursing after realizing she needed a career that would "matter."

"I picked nursing for the fulfillment – helping people," she said. "I love that daily feeling of fulfillment, always feeling like I'm giving to other people in all sorts of ways — health, well-being, entertainment, companionship. There's a lot more to nursing than giving them a pill or starting an IV."

One of the most fulfilling aspects of her job is the patients' appreciation for the care they receive. Every day, she leaves her job "with an intense happiness," because of it, she said.

Working in a small rural hospital is appealing to Treena, a local farm girl who grew up to become a married mother of two boys, because she gets to know her patients on a more personal level than she would at a bigger facility. Many times, she already knows her patients' personal preferences and their family members because they are acquainted from being raised in the same community.

"It's not just a patient in front of you," she said. "The bond between patient and caregiver is multiplied by 10. You need that emotional connection to provide the best care."

She also appreciates the opportunities for continuing education at TMH. In her eight years thus far, she's experienced significant skill growth, emotional development and professional education.

"It truly never ends," she said. "There are always advances and changes. That will never end in a nursing career."

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