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Taylorville Memorial Hospital
Nursing at TMH | Nursing Profiles

Nursing at Taylorville Memorial Hospital

TMH Nurse Sue Benton, RN, BSN

TMH Nurse Sue Benton, RN

When it comes to her preferred type of nursing, there is no doubt for Sue Benton that it's emergency medicine. The fast-paced, ever-changing environment is consistently challenging yet exciting, she said.

"I like getting in there and getting things fixed," said Benton, a mother of three grown boys who has been a nurse for 13 years. She has spent the past 3½ years at TMH in its Emergency Department.

Growing up, nursing had always been on Benton's radar. As a teen, she worked in nursing homes and later as a nurse's aide. What she learned from those experiences is that kindness goes a long way when caring for someone, and that's since become her credo.

"I wanted to show love through my hands, my actions," she said. "I just wanted to help people."

After getting experience working in an Emergency Room setting in Springfield and Decatur, Benton knew it was the right fit for her. Being able to use the new medicines and technology that help people in a crisis is very fulfilling and always exciting, she said. When she began working at TMH — which is just a couple blocks from her home —she feared she'd miss out on that excitement, but that hasn't happened.

"Coming to a small hospital, I thought I wouldn't see the things I saw in Springfield, but that hasn't been the case," she said. What has impressed her most has been how the entire hospital staff will pitch in to help during busy times — people will come from all over the building to help in a crisis as soon as they're called, she said.

"If you need help, you've got help. And they gladly do it. It's a family of nurses here trying to help the community."

Having a good job today is like winning the lottery, Benton said. And at TMH, she feels quite rich. Today, she is working toward her BSN and benefitting from Memorial's tuition reimbursement program for continuing education.

"Nursing continues to be a field where you can find a job — it's rewarding, it's good pay, it's respectable," she said. "And here, we're seeing growth. It's an exciting time to be working here. We are going to have tremendously exciting times."

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