Average Healthcare Charges

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Download a list of average charges for TMH's most common inpatient diagnoses, outpatient procedures and tests.

The procedures and tests listed in this document are among Taylorville Memorial Hospital's most common inpatient diagnoses, outpatient procedures and tests. The information is based on Inpatient and Outpatient average charges. The average charges do not include physician fees, including the surgeon, radiologist, pathologist, or other physicians involved. Fluctuations in the average charges may occur due to variables within the patient's treatment, such as lab work, surgery time, supplies, or days in the hospital.

Additional tests, services or pharmaceuticals may be ordered by your physician in order to complete your course of care. This information should not be used to determine the patient's final total bill on a given outpatient visit or hospital stay. It is to provide only an estimate.

This information does not take into account your individual health insurance. The amount that you are required to pay may vary based on your individual health insurance plan. Taylorville Memorial Hospital recommends that you contact your health insurance provider to verify the details of your individual plan.

For questions or information regarding financial assistance, please call the Patient Accounts Department
at 217-824-1613. Financial Counselors are available to assist you with payment arrangements or to determine your eligibility for charity care. For additional questions regarding healthcare charges at Taylorville Memorial Hospital, please contact 217-824-1614.

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Common Inpatient Diagnoses

Category Common Inpatient Diagnoses Inpatient Average Charge
Bones, Joints, Muscles Total Knee Replacement $54,989
Digestive System Diverticulitis $12,488
Intestinal Obstruction s $11,690
Female Procedures Total Abdominal Hysterectomy $18,635
Heart/Cardiovascular Atrial Fibrillation $14,350
Congestive Heart Failure Unspecified $18,988
Lung/Pulmonary Pneumonia, Organism Unspecified $17,643
Chronic Asthma $17,901
Obstructive Chronic Bronchitis $18,149/td>
Skin/Tissue Cellulitis of Leg $11,955

Common Outpatient Diagnoses

Category Common Outpatient Diagnoses Outpatient Average Charge
Bones, Joints, Muscles Carpal Tunnel Release - Unilateral $8,269
Female Procedures D & C $8,840
Stomach/Digestive Colonoscopy $5,478

Common Procedures and Tests

Category Common Procedures and Tests Estimated Charge CPT Code
Heart/Cardiovascular EKG (Electrocardiogram) $310 93005
Laboratory Arterial Blood Gas $356 82803
Basic Metabolic Panel $198 80048
BNP (B-Natriutetic Peptide) $290 83880
Complete Blood Count with Auto Differential $129 85025
Cholesterol $59 82465
Complete Metabolic Panel $254 80053
CPK $117 82550
Culture Blood $239 87040
Culture / Urine $111 87088
Glucose $51 82947
Hepatic Profile $183 80076
LDH $79 83615
Lipase $152 83690
Magnesium $107 83735
Phosphorus $84 84100
Prothrombin Time $79 85610
PSA Total Diagnostic $188 84153
PTT $126 85730
Triglycerides $75 84478
Troponin $236 84484
TSH Serum $186 84443
Uric Acid $65 84550
Urinalysis $92 81001
RH Factor $79 86901
Blood Typing $84 86900
Auto Cyte Pap Smear $142 88142
Radiology Chest X-ray (1 view) $421 71010
Chest X-ray (2 views) $562 70102
Digital Screening Mammogram - Bilateral $438 G0202
Upper GI $975 74240
Emergency Room Visits Facility Charge Medical Visit Only, Level I $164 99281
Medical Visit Only, Level II $276 99282
Medical Visit Only, Level III $655 99283
Medical Visit Only, Level IV $924 99284
Medical Visit Only, Level V $1,271 99285
Emergency Room Visits Physician Charge Physician, Level I $210 99281
Physician, Level II $272 99282
Physician, Level III $495 99283
Physician, Level IV $692 99284
Physician, Level V $908 99285
Inpatient Rooms Acute Care Daily Charge $1,412
Acute Care Swing Daily Charge $831