TMH Community Benefit

As a not-for-profit, community owned healthcare organization, we take seriously the responsibility entrusted to us. Our mission guides us as we help the people and communities we serve. It is a mission that we live out in a variety of ways.

We recognize our responsibility for providing quality healthcare, regardless of one's ability to pay. TMH provides important and meaningful resources to help ensure that those who are without health insurance receive the care they need when confronted with illness or injury.

We also recognize unfortunate occasions arise when patients are not able to pay for their medical care and are not eligible for federal or state medical assistance programs. Through our patient financial assistance program , TMH provides help to patients unable to pay for their medical services.

As a tax-exempt organization, the TMH staff also returns benefits to our communities through many community service projects, as well as health education and prevention initiatives such as:

  • Free support groups for various healthcare concerns, including diabetes and grief support groups.
  • Helath and wellness education, including health fairs. 
  • Scholarships and job shadowing for students pursuing degrees in the medical field. 
  • Co-sponsorship of quarterly community blood drives in the TMH auditorium.
  • Babysitting clinics.
  • Collaboration with colleges to provide coinical education experiences for those studying a health-related field.
  • Provide continuing education for community health providers.

In FY2016, Taylorville Memorial Hospital gave back nearly 4.3 million in community benefits. That amount includes $3.4 million in unpaid Medicaid costs, more than $395,000 in patient financial assistance and $395,000 to support other community health initiatives. 

In FY2016, TMH completed a community health need assessment in Christian County, identifying three priorities:

  • Obesity
  • Mental Health
  • Access to Care

To learn more about the need assessment and TMH's implementation strategy to address these priorities, go to ChooseMemorial.org..