Colleague of the Year

TMH Employee of the YearOur colleague of the year is Adam Bailey.

Adam was nominated for going the extra mile to help a patient at the time of his discharge. Adam helped escort the patient to his car only to find out the car would not start. He checked several things and noticed that the gas gauge read low fuel. The patient had an issue arise and was taken back into the Emergency Department while Adam got some gasoline to see if that was the problem. The car started and Adam was able to help the patient get safely to his vehicle.

When Adam was asked how it felt to be selected as Colleague of the Year, he said, “I was completely shocked when I won Colleague of the Year. I am honored to serve as COY for 2019. There are so many people that work here at TMH that I see every day give 100% that deserve to get COY, it was my lucky day. I have had a great 10 years at TMH. To all of my co-workers I say THANK YOU!!! I am proud to be a part of CMH.”

Adam works in our Plant Operations department and has been a colleague of Taylorville Memorial Hospital since May 2009.

TMH recognizes an outstanding colleague of the month. The TMH Colleague of the Year is selected from among the monthly honorees. Other candidates included:

May 2018 – Jodi German, Acute Care

June 2018 – Heather Fulhorst, Emergency Department

July 2018 – Lisa Hamell, Food Service

August 2018 – Jacob McCauley, Laboratory

September 2018 – Terra Bierman, Radiology

November 2018 – Amy Puzey, Respiratory Therapy

December 2018 – Tabitha Sneddon, Acute Care

January 2019 – Branzley Cantrill, Radiology

February 2019 – Heather Austif, Patient Access

March 2019 – Stephen Salisbury, Pharmacy