Advancing Care by Design

Taylorville Memorial Hospital is “Advancing Care by Design” with a historic modernization project aimed to promote safety and efficiency, and ultimately to provide great outcomes for our patients. This project represents a significant investment in the Taylorville community and will transform how we deliver care to the patients we serve.

Completed in two phases, the project will take approximately 2.5 years to complete. Once completed, the Taylorville community will have access to a modern and innovative healthcare facility.

Highlights of the Project

  • Twenty-five new single patient rooms will improve opportunities for patient and caregiver communications, privacy and rest.
  • Rehab services area will include a new Hydroworx machine to provide in-house aqua therapy, a large open gym and a garden area for patients to practice footing on different surfaces.
  • Outpatient services will be located in a centralized area for added convenience.
  • A specialty clinic will be available for visiting physicians to see patients.
  • New meeting and educational rooms will be available.